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Beltane Community Witchual

We gathered to prayer for fertility of all lands in need this #beltane on the traditional territory of the TWSANEC First Nations (Tsawout, Tsartlip, Paquachin, Tseycum). With a potent inner circle of Priestess'es focusing on the logistics, ritual flow and deep listening to what was present wishing to come forth we birthed one beautiful gathering with over 100 participants!

Until the 10th hour we were torn between how to make the May Pole logistically work during this time a new addition to the ritual came, we are calling the fertility hoop created by a ring of grape vine & ribbons extending from every direction. Placing this ring around the finished maypole the game involved having the ends of ribbons held to collectively lift the ring around the pole and begin dancing sun wise. Boy did this take alot of focus as the group was asked to avoid touching the pole with the hoop, near the end as the cone of energy was building those holding ribbons got closer and closer and began lifting and dropping the ring in ribbons which, me oh my really got us laughing :)

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