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Womans Website Design Class

We did it! The first Womans Website building series part of a movement I call "In Your Hands Business Development" which is designed to empower entrepreneurs to take action by learning programs and techniques to up-level their business. As an entrepreneur enthusiast I constantly witnessed woman unable to brave techlandia and get a website up along with other supportive steps really helpful in boosting their work. By no means am I a Wordpress wizard or coding Queen but I sure have quite the knack of using Wix and Canva and decided to share my beloved easiest & streamline tools I've found.

Throughout the 3 week series we had 7 woman pass threw with a variety of business or offering ventures ranging from School Gardens to Therapeutic Touch. I decided to create my own unique twist on the Business of branding and implementing coaching and guided visualization techniques to bring the mental and embodied together. I originally created Bees Nest as a play on the word business and wanting to really bring together skills, and needs to uplift our projects together. The next round of Website starts in 2 weeks and the last crew has expressed interest in continuing to jam together ideas and sharing tools yes! Feeling like a monthly jam is on the horizon :)

~Hive Mama

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