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Reed Richard

Are you a property owner on Salt Spring Island?

R&R Designs is here to bring your land to life.

Rest in Resilience with Regenerative Relaxation, Reed Richard brings close to a decade of experience to turn your property from a liability to an asset. Listening to what you want from your land and your life, we work together to create a design that will build fertility over time, and create a flourishing abundance that both keeps you engaged with nature and allows you to have the peace of mind that you are building long term health for you and your land.


From the bird to the worm, we offer a wide array of perspectives. Utilizing aerial drone footage to gain the birds eye perspective of your property, to microscopes for a detailed analysis of your soils. 


Reed Richard has been farming on Salt Spring Island for 5 years, and has been active with acquiring a myriad of skills and knowledge in the field of Permaculture since the early aughts. Recognizing that how we relate to the land, and what we want to be doing on the land determines a lot of how we shape the space we first begin with a consultation to determine your goals for your property. If you are dealing with raw land this is best done before breaking ground. If you already have a home there, this will help to establish what changes may be needed to enhance your enjoyment of your yard and garden.

Seed you in the future.

  Reed Richard

  See images below for a few of the available services provided. He has a wide range of power tools for efficient and effective work.​




          Contact Reed to get a quote on your job needed


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